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The Brief Introduction of Almar Enterprise Co.,Ltd

I. Introduction
Almar Enterprise Co.,Ltd is an enterprise with the profoundness and extensiveness, which is established in 1987. In 1990, it became the first- class distributor of RUBYCON, a famous Japanese company, in mainland China mainland and HK with its excellent operation and management system and planning blueprint. The enterprise has started a brand-new era since then as a professional distributor of Rubycon Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, Electric double layer capacitors and Film capacitors produced by RUBYCON.

In line with the service tenet of good faith, it provides customers with fast, high-quality and efficient professional services. In recent years, the management of the company has been further standardized scientifically. With advanced management concepts and company culture, it has attracted a number of outstanding management and sales talents and established a good business reputation and image in the industry.

At present, there is a large-scale operation team in the company. Its pre-sale and after-sale service system and service quality has been continuously improved by training the staff, thus obtaining the recognition and support of the customers.

II. Core Advantages
Almar Enterprise Co.,Ltd has the market matching ability and reflecting ability comparable to the standards of first-class enterprises with a high-quality marketing team. The staff have accumulated rich experience through more than 30 years of agency service. Its core advantages are mainly reflected in the following four aspects.

Official brand agents
The company has reached strategic cooperation agreements with many world-renowned suppliers and enterprises which is also the first-class distributor authorized by the enterprises including Rubycon in Japan, HTC in South Korea, KORCHIP in South Korea, TSC and Zhiqiang in Taiwan, China.

One-stop purchase of parts
With a complete and diversified component supply system, it provides products from basic components to core components, striving to efficiently shorten the procurement process to reduce customer costs.

It has continuously improved the level of electronic services. A convenient and complete electronic shopping platform has been set up, providing electronic parts and one-stop service to customers all over the world.

Logistics inventory
Perfect delivery channels are built to meet customers’ needs.
Delivery can be made to customers in the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan in China.

III. Company Culture
We all know that quality is the foundation of enterprise development, and credibility, as the soul of enterprise development, determines what level an enterprise can reach. In line with the service tenet of good faith, the company has provided customers with fast, high-quality and efficient services over the past 30 years. It has also won wide acclaim from customers and been praised by the industry counterparts. In the first 20 years of its development, it has deeply rooted in the industry and accumulated valuable experience. Undoubtedly, the company will still make its own contribution to the development of the industry in the future.